LitFestKC Kids Day! 

Right now, school groups and families are invited to register for Kids Day. SPACE IS LIMITED! Morning sessions (9 - 11:15am) will be geared toward 1st - 3rd grades; Afternoon sessions (12:00 - 2:15pm) will be geared toward 4th-6th grades. 

A non-refundable deposit of HALF THE TOTAL BALANCE -OR- $125.00 - whichever is less - is REQUIRED to secure a reservation for LitFestKC Kids Day on April 28. The cost is $6 per child and $10 per adult. Only one adult per 12 children, please.

*Title One Schools receive a 50% discount ($3/students $5/adult) - adjust your deposit accordingly.*

 Secure a spot for Kids Day Now... 


Fill out this form & mail with your deposit to The Rabbit hOle Workshop 110 SW BLVD KCMO 64108